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AUGUST 13 - SWITZERLAND (Geneve): Male terrorist attacks Swiss train passengers with fire, knife


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Innovative Security e-Learning
for Professionals

is coming soon!

NOV 10 - Grenade attack against French Embassy in Athens, Greece. One guard injured. Grenade was thrown by two terrorists on a motocycle (found and recovered later on). Investigation in progress.

OCT 25 -
At least 60 people were killed and 118 injured when militants attacked a police training academy in Quetta, Pakistan, late Monday night, government officials said.Major General Sher Afgan, Chief of the Paramilitary Frontier Corps, told reporters Tuesday that Pakistan-based group Lashkar-e-jhangvi was behind the attack -- an al Qaeda-linked militant group that has repeatedly carried out deadly attacks on the country's Shiite Muslim minority in recent years.

SEP 22 -
U.S. defense officials say that on Tuesday ISIS has fired a shell containing mustard agent at the Qayarrah air base south of Msoul. U.S. and Iraqi troops use the base for operations against the Islamist group. No U.S. or Iraqi troops were hurt, and none has shown symptoms of exposure. One official told CNN that the agent had “low purity” and was “poorly weaponized.” A second official described it as “ineffective.”

AUG 13 -
Male terrorist attacked Swiss train passengers with fire, knife, injures 6. The man (a 27yo Swiss citizen), set the train carriage on fire using a flammable liquid and stabbed passengers, incuding a 6yo child. The attack took place on a train travelling in Switzerland's far east (near Salon train station, St Gallen) along its border with Liechtenstein. Terrorist was also injured. (UPDATE: Aug 14): A 34yo woman and the terrorist died in a hospital.

AUG O6 - Two female officers were injured after being attacked by a machete-wielding man near the police station in the Belgian city of Charleroi, the authorities said. The terrorist, who could be heard shouting "Allahuh Akhbar" was shot dead by a third officer on site.

AUG 04 -
One person was killed 9woman; 60yo) and five others were injured in a knife attack in central London's Russell Square, London Metropolitan Police said. A suspect has been detained. Police did not give a motive but said, "Terrorism is one possibility being explored at this stage." Terrorist is Somali with Norwegian passport.

JULY 25 -
An explosion occurred in Ansbach, Germany, Sunday evening, according to German media.At least one person is dead and as many as 10 others are wounded, German media is reporting.

JULY 24 - A Syrian refugee wielding a machete has killed a Polish pregnant woman and injured a man and another woman in Germany before being arrested by police after he was run over by a man driving a BMW.The attack happened in the south western city of Reutlingen near a doner kebab stand in a bus station at Listplatz Square in what has been described as a 'crime of passion'.

JULY 23 - ISIS is claiming responsibility for killing at least 61 people and wounding more than 200 during a peaceful demonstration in Kabul by a minority group Saturday.Two ISIS fighters detonated their suicide belts among the protesters, according to ISIS' media wing, Amaq.The attack, the worst in terms of casualties in several weeks, drew attention to ISIS instead of the Taliban, which had been credited with recent bombings.

JULY 20 -
A German official on Wednesday described the footage of the teenage suspect in the German train stabbings as a "classical farewell video" of a suicide attacker that indicates he was inspired by ISIS.Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said the 17-year-old also left a goodbye letter saying he prayed that he could take revenge on all infidels.The stabbings took place Monday night on a train shortly after it left Wurzburg for Treuchtlingen. Five passengers were injured, and police shot the teen dead after a confrontation.




CBRNE Hardening of Airports, Shopping Malls and Luxury Hotels & Resorts
August 2013 issue
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Schools and Churche's Terrorism
Dec 2013 issue
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Part A: Editor's Corner; Chem News & Bio News;

Part B: Dirty News; Explosive News; Cyber News; Emergency Respone; Asymmetric Threats; Business Continuity

Part C: Terror News

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OPCW 2016 CWA Medical Management Guide

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Chernobyl: The new safe confinement construction is in place
(full functional by the end of 2017.


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JULY 2016

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JUNE 2016

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Inside Porton Down

There is still hope in our ugly world!


MAY 2016

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A must read book

Towards Rio2016 Olympic Games

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APRIL 2016

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MARCH 2016

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2nd IW CBRNe Workshop
(Nov 20)
University of Rome Tor Vergata
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JULY 2015

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JUNE 2015

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41st World Military Medicine Conference (ICMM)

18-22 May 2015, Bali, Indonesia

MAY 2015

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APRIL 2015

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MARCH 2015

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Editor reviews the 2014 Ebola outbreak (as presented at the NMIOTC WMD600 Course - Dec 2014; Souda Naval Base, Crete, Greece) - click on photo
NOVEMBER 2014   

An excellent source of information on Ebola this is a "must read" e-book!

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Because the unexpected always happens!


Read the adventures of Editor in Houston, TX
at "Editor's Corner"!

"Who Dares Does Not Win!"
2013_5 Editors Corner.pdf 2013_5 Editors Corner.pdf
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April 2013

Hotel Terrorism

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August 2013

CBRNE Hardening of Airports, Shopping Malls & Hotels

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Schools & Churches' Terrorism

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Disaster Robotics

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