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03 Feb 2012

Olympic Scale Planning Conference - The Helix, Dublin, Ireland
Organized by Emergency Planning Society & DCU Business School

From left to right: Sean Hogan (Director, national Directorate for Fire & Emergency Management, Ireland), Andy Tomkinson (Business Continuity Management During Large Scale Disruptions – Planning for the 2012 London Olympics, UK), Dr Caroline McMullan (DCU, Business School, Ireland) and Galatas I




17 November 2011: Urban Crisis Workshop organized by The Serious Games Institute, Coventry University (London Campus).

Speaker: Editor of CBRNE-Terrorism Newsletter

Topic: "Hospital CBDN Defense - Two Olympiads Eight Years Apart (Athens 2004 - London 2012)"



Interview for Indian Defense TV on the occasion of the "Secure Watch India Conference" held in New Delhi, India ("The Challenge of Terrorism to India's Infrastructure and Economy" - December 9-10, 2009)