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June 29: Terrorists stormed Ataturk Intern Airport (Istanbul, Turkey)


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JUNE 29 (Update 2) - At least 41 people are dead (10 are foreign nationals and 3 are dual-nationals) and at least 239 are wounded (7 critical), after three terrorists armed with guns and bombs attacked Istanbul's Ataturk Airport, Turkish officials said.Turkish and U.S. officials say they suspect ISIS involvement in the incident. The attackers, carrying guns, arrived at the airport via taxi. Preliminary findings suggest all three opened fire then detonated themselves using suicide vests. Two of them were at the international terminal and the third one was in a nearby parking lot. Video from inside the terminal appears to show an attacker detonating a bomb.

JUNE 23 - Gunman stormed Kinoplex cinema complex in the German city Viernheim (near Frankfurt) was shot dead by police. No injuries among people watching a move at that time were reported.

JUNE 12 -
A gunman killed dozens at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, early Sunday, the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. At least 50 people are dead, police say, and 53 people were injured at the Pulse club in Orlando. The shooter was Omar Saddiqui Mateen of Fort Pierce, Florida, law enforcement officials tell CNN. He was shot and killed by police at the nightclub.Mateen called 911 at the time of the attack to pledge allegiance to ISIS, a U.S. official tells CNN, and mentioned the Boston bombers in the call. He had been investigated by the FBI in the past for possible ties to Islamic extremism, officials say, but there was no evidence to charge him with anything. ISIS sympathizers have praised the attack on jihadi forums.The shooting began around 2 a.m. The gunman ran into the club and took hostages. Around 5 a.m. authorities used an armored vehicle to break down the door of the building and end the attack.

MAY 19 -
EgyptAir Flight 804 vanished from radar on its way from Paris to Cairo with 66 people aboard. The plane was flying at 37,000 feet when it lost contact overnight above the Mediterranean Sea. The flight left Charles de Gaulle Airport at 11:09 p.m. Wednesday local time and was supposed to land in Cairo at 3:15 a.m. Thursday (same time zone). The location of last contact was 173 miles (280 kilometers) from the Egyptian coast. There was no special cargo on the flight and no notification of any dangerous goods aboard. The plane had routine maintenance checks Wednesday in Cairo, before it left for Paris, an airline official said. A distress signal was detected in the general vicinity where the flight disappeared, the airline official said. The signal was detected at 4:26 a.m. -- about 2 hours after the jet vanished. Greek air traffic controllers spoke to the pilot at 2:27 a.m. Cairo time, but the pilot did not mention any problems, aviation officials said. The plane left Greek airspace a minute later and entered Egypt's airspace. Two minutes later, Greek radars lost touch with it. Greece is taking part in the rescue operation.

MAY 13 -
A group of Real Madrid fans have been massacred by Islamic State (ISIS) fanatics as they met at a local supporters club. ISIS gunmen stormed the meeting in Baghdad, killing at least 14 of the football fans who had gathered. Twenty more were wounded in the attack in the town of Samarra, 125 kilometers north of the Iraqi capital. President of the Samarra supporters club Ziad Subhan said: "A group of Islamic terrorists, from ISIS, came into the café, armed with AK-47s, shooting at random at everyone who was inside.


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CBRNE Hardening of Airports, Shopping Malls and Luxury Hotels & Resorts
August 2013 issue
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JUNE 2016

Part A: Editor's Corner; Chem News & Bio News;

Part B: Dirty News; Explosive News; Cyber News; Emergency Respone; Asymmetric Threats; Business Continuity

Part C: Terror News

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Inside Porton Down

There is still hope in our ugly world!


MAY 2016

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A must read book

Towards Rio2016 Olympic Games

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APRIL 2016

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MARCH 2016

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2nd IW CBRNe Workshop
(Nov 20)
University of Rome Tor Vergata
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JULY 2015

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JUNE 2015

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41st World Military Medicine Conference (ICMM)

18-22 May 2015, Bali, Indonesia

MAY 2015

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APRIL 2015

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MARCH 2015

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Editor reviews the 2014 Ebola outbreak (as presented at the NMIOTC WMD600 Course - Dec 2014; Souda Naval Base, Crete, Greece) - click on photo
NOVEMBER 2014   

An excellent source of information on Ebola this is a "must read" e-book!

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"Who Dares Does Not Win!"
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CBRNE Hardening of Airports, Shopping Malls & Hotels

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